Living Office

Art Direction and Design for Herman Miller’s latest offering–Living Office. Collaborating with the internal design team and Daniel Carlsten, we developed a cohesive system to visualize the human-centric approach to work and workplace.

A human-centric modular system
The modular system was created in collaboration with Daniel Carlsten. Humans were created through a kit-of-parts, allowing the system to easily expand with a illustrated furniture. Additional elements were created based on the environment.

A cohesive print experience
For the launch at NeoCon, the brand team created the Living Office Newspaper, printed with three cover options along with a poster-insert and a series of postcards.

Brining Living Office to life.
Working directly with Dress Code, we created a series of videos to animate some of the core provocations of Living Office. The initial video was for “Living Beats Dying,” primarily focused on the concept that a healthy, prosperous organization thrives on passion, purpose, and growth.